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*[ Schematic]<br>
*[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/w/images/5/57/2.13inch_e-Paper_HAT_Schematic.pdf Schematic]<br>
===Demo codes===
===Demo codes===
*[ Demo codes]
*[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/w/images/5/50/E-Paper.7z Demo codes]
*[ 2.13inch e-Paper Datasheet]
*[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/w/images/e/e6/2.13inch_e-Paper_Datasheet.pdf 2.13inch e-Paper Datasheet]
<!-- ===开发资料=== -->
<!-- ===开发资料=== -->
{{E-Paper FAQ}}
{{E-Paper FAQ}}

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This is 2.13inch e-Paper module, 250x122 resolution, SPI interface, supports black and white colors.


  • Size: 2.13 inch
  • Dimension(Raw panel):59.2mm × 29.2mm × 1.05mm
  • Dimension(PCBA):65mmx30.2mm
  • Display area:48.55mm × 23.71mm
  • Operating voltage:3.3V/5V
  • Interface:SPI
  • Pitch:0.194* 0.194
  • Resolution:250*122
  • Display colors:Black, White
  • Gray scale:2
  • Partial update :0.3s
  • Fully update :2s
  • Consumption (refresh) : 26.4mW(typ.)
  • Consumption (standby) :<=0.017mW

【Notices】: Update time: The data provided is for reference, the actual time may be different according to the MCU. The e-Paper will flicker when updating, it is normal
Consumption: The data provided is for reference, the actual consumption may be different according to the driver board.

SPI timing


The e-Paper only supports writing, therefore the MISO pin is hidden.

CS is slave chip select, when CS is low, the chip is enabled.
DC is data/command control pin, when DC = 0, write command, when DC = 1, write data.
SCLK is the SPI communication clock.
SDIN is the data line from the master to the slave in SPI communication.
Timing:CPHL=0, CPOL=0 (SPI0)
【Note】You can search more documents of SPI bus online.

Working protocol

Pixel & Byte

We define the pixels in a monochrome picture, 0 is black and 1 is white.
White:□,Bit 1
Black:■:Bit 0

  • The dot in the figure is called a pixel. As we know, 1 and 0 are used to define the color, therefore we can use one bit to define the color of one pixel, and 1 byte = 8pixels
  • For example, If we set first 8 pixels to black and the last 8 pixels to white, we show it by codes, they will be 16 bit as below:

E-paper hardware work 1.png
For computer, the data is saved in MSB format:
E-paper hardware work 2.png
So we can use two bytes for 16 pixels.

User Guides



Demo codes



1、Working requirements of e-Paper?|

  • 【Working】Temperature: 0~50°C; Humidity: 35%~65%RH
  • 【Storage】Temperature: ≤30°C; Humidity: ≤55%RH; Max storage time: 6 months
  • 【Transport】Temperature: -25~70°C; Max transport time: 10 days
  • 【Unpack】Temperature: 20°C±5°C; Humidity: 50%RH±5%RH; Max storage time: Should be assembled in 72h

2、 What do you need to note about e-Paper refreshing

  • Refresh mode
    • Full refresh: e-Paper flicker when full refreshing to remove ghost image for best display.
    • Partial refresh: It doesn't flicker if you use partial refresh (only some of the two-color e-paper support partial refresh). Note that you cannot use Partial refresh all the time, you should full refresh e-paper regularly, otherwise, ghost problem will get worse even damage
  • Refresh rate
    • When using, you should set the update interval at least 180s. (except Partial supportable types)
    • Please set the e-Paper to sleep mode or power off it directly, otherwise, the e-Paper is damaged because of working in high voltage for a long time.
    • You need to update the content of three-color e-Paper at least one time every 24h to avoid the burn-in problem.
  • Working place
    • We recommend you to use the e-Paper indoor. If you need to set the e-paper outdoor, Please place the e-paper in shadow and protect it from UV. When you designed you e-paper product, you should take care about the working situation like temperature, humidity, etc.

3、Why the e-Paper display a black frame?

  • You can configure Border Waveform Control register or VCOM AND DATA INTERVAL SETTING register to change the frame.

4、Could the e-Paper work again after sleeping?

  • You can use the initial function to wake it up and then update.